Why It Works

  1. Bouju Empowers You To Strike Back Against Infringers

    Bouju is the single most easy and cost-effective way to monitor and quantify piracy's impact on your brand and – most importantly - to take enforcement actions to protect your intellectual property. Use it to identify and shut down counterfeit sites where they thrive: in e-commerce, organic search, online auctions, social media, and more. Bouju uses the power of smarter search and proprietary algorithms to give you more information at your fingertips than you've ever had before. From C&D letters to domain registrar information, Bouju gives you the industry's leading tools to strike back swiftly - right from your Bouju dashboard.

  2. Bouju Shows You Where Your Biggest Problems Are

    Any infringement is a problem, but the fact is that some brand infringements are costing your business more than others right now. Bouju's customized dashboard will help you get right to the point, identifying those sites diverting the most traffic and costing your business the most, while highlighting networks of connected infringers. With this level of insight, you can quickly determine which actions will help you have the most impact.

  3. Bouju Helps You Fight Global Infringements

    n today's e-commerce economy, infringements against your brand are likely happening on a global scale. This is why Bouju's brand protection technology examines infringement across languages and around the world, taking in the full landscape of the Internet to give you the most comprehensive view of threats to your IP.

  4. Bouju's Solutions Are Customized To Your Brand

    Bouju's next-generation smart technology finds and tracks piracy's impact on your brand, quantifying damage in real-time through your company's customized dashboard. Our experts work with you to configure the most powerful search available and to set up a suite of action tools that align with your company's anti-counterfeiting policies. Whether you choose to shut down offending sites or counterprogram their activities, your customized dashboard will give you the information and resources to take action your way.

  5. Our Proprietary Software Gets Smarter As You Use It

    Bouju's proprietary algorithms and machine learning capability work with you to constantly improve your IP protection capabilities; as you use it, the software can assess the impact your enforcement actions are having. Your insight into infringements and your actions against them will get stronger, and your return on investment will increase exponentially as you and the software work together.

  6. Bouju's Experts Are Your Experts

    Bouju works for you on your terms. The software is a natural complement to add force to your company's established anti-piracy capabilities. For companies that would like additional hands-on guidance and support to accelerate their IP protection measures, Bouju's experts will partner with your team to generate reports, recommend strategies and execute countermeasures against your biggest offenders.

  7. Bouju Provides The Right Solution For Every Department

    Our team of experts begins with technology gurus, and draws from the collective insights and expertise of our team of the sharpest minds in law and marketing. We considered the issues of piracy and anti-counterfeiting from every angle to create a powerhouse software that is invaluable to and immediately improves the work of all corporate departments invested in brand protection, including legal, marketing and sales.

Getting started is easy:

Ask us for a complementary custom-to-your-brand demonstration. We will benchmark the current impact of counterfeiting on your brand in lost revenue - and show you how easy and cost effective it can be to fight it.

Your brand and your IP have irreplaceable value. Protect them with Bouju.

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