Using Enterprise Brand Protection

Protecting your business from infringement and counterfeit can be a very tricky undertaking but with the help of Digital Brand Protection, legitimate businesses have a fighting chance. The focus given by counterfeiters to closely imitate an established and highly saleable product can be resisted through the vigilance and thoroughness of enterprise brand protection.

Enterprise Brand Protection

The act of preventing individuals and entities from producing a product that is legally registered to another company is called brand protection. It aims to fight significant loss in revenue as well as the company's reputation in the industry and the customer's trust in their products. When counterfeiting activities happen, consumers are usually misled by the similarity in packaging, name, and logo of the fake products to the original ones. Consumer traffic is also diverted from its intended legal destination, which results in reduced sales and false product connection of established brands with illegal activities. To prevent this from happening, brand protection is done. This includes brand monitoring in online distribution websites, auction sites, social sites, and gray markets for similar product listings. With use of technlogy processing of large data discovery of suspected counterfeiter distribution channels are identified, and automated legal steps are taken to ensure that they cannot continue with their unfair business practices.

Benefits of Brand Monitoring

To ensure that no close similarities exist when a new product or business is discovered online, company can use the services of our brand monitoring. Our brand monitoring will rapidley discover any significant online infringments.

  • The discovery provides all the current or future counterfeiters already lurking in the market and enable the trademark owner to take the necessary steps to prevent infringement. Early detection is the key to prevent further damage to the company's assets.
  • The quick response address any negative reactions about the company's products from consumers. Our Enterprise Brand Protection can also detect any negative impact to the brand. In addition, we can also monitor competitors, affiliates and other channels for any infringment, compliance, misleading advertisements and competitive advanges.
  • Brand monitoring can also make a company aware of their competition's marketing strategies and can counter them without delay.

Enterprise Brand Protection are most commonly used in industries such as digital media, software, footwear and apparel, pharmeceuticals, consumer electronics, financial services, book publishing, automotive, agriculture products, technology, networkling equipments, luxury goods, electronic industries, and military systems. The digital online channels are the most vulnerable to imitations for counterfeiters to target. Counterfeit products are easily distributed online with all the logo, trademark and descriptions of official brand. Companies using our Digital Brand Protection, they protect not only their intellectual property rights but also their eCommerce revenues.

Bouju provides enterprise brand protection software as a service to rapidly discover, monitor, measure and proactively guard brands online. Please send a email to with your company (brand) email address for initial free brand audit report.