Our Solutions | High Performance IP Protection Software

Progressive. Proactive. Efficient.

Every day at Bouju, we save our clients millions of dollars by rapidly identifying diverted online traffic – and helping them get it back. Our proprietary technology puts the most important Internet data at your fingertips, giving you a clear roadmap to where the biggest threats to your brand exist online. Go from information to action: Bouju's damage and loss reports give you the information you need to choose the right battles as you take on thousands of infringing websites targeting your customers. Bouju is the singular, comprehensive software you need to be proactive about protecting and growing your brand - on a global scale - in the digital age.

Bouju features include:


Catch infringing goods being offered in online marketplaces.


Identify sponsored ads infringers are using to lure your customers to their websites.


Monitor key social networking and communication channels in which infringers are fishing for your customers.


Identify infringing domains in search engine results.


Catch infringers in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and on other Social Apps.


Targets counterfeiters in online video platforms including YouTube.

Bouju's multifaceted platform combines state-of-the-art technologies from diverse disciplines. Harness the power of internet search, web security, big data analytics, data warehousing and mining, machine learning, natural language processing, search engine optimization, and cloud computing all in one place, to get unparalleled insight into global brand infringement. Use your customized dashboard for efficient insight into clear metrics and take advantage of the most user-friendly software on the market.

Bouju gives you the power to:

  • Identify, Monitor & Prioritize Brand Threats
  • Take Enforcement & Preventative Actions
  • Assess Damage & Loss Associated with Each Threat
  • Analyze Data and Litigation Efforts