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Find out how Bouju’s solutions have changed the playing field for companies seeking to protect their brands in some of the most competitive industries in the world.  Have a question about what Bouju can do for you?  Contact us anytime for a free, customized report.

Luxury Goods

Bouju's system strikes at the heart of unauthorized, counterfeit products by identifying online traffic hijacking and websites that are aggressively targeting your customers with illegal merchandise.  Bouju's proprietary search technology rapidly scours the Internet, providing a laser-like, real-time view into the sources of traffic diversion and business theft.  Bouju is working with the leading companies in the luxury industry to protect their brands and secure their revenue against traffic diversion and customer confusion.

With Bouju, find out:

Where knockoffs of your high-end brand are being sold on the Internet around the world
Whether multiple infringing sites are operated by the same individual or company
How many black, grey, and white threats are targeting your traffic at any given time
Which sites are targeting other luxury brands
How aggressive threats are, categorized by white-grey-black
How much each infringing website is damaging your business

Then Bouju provides you with a suite of quick response tools, so you can begin taking actions to shut down websites hijacking your traffic with a few keystrokes.


In the digital age, entertainment companies are suffering more than any other in the loss of revenue from unauthorized duplicate copies of their movies, music, e-books, games and more.  The ease of creating and providing illegal digital copies online has made entertainment IP an easy mark for criminals.  The most exposed industry needs the most aggressive counter-attack software; this is why we created Bouju.  We work with the leading entertainment companies to protect their creative work and their brands, to take measures against unnecessary revenue loss.

The Institute for Policy Innovation concluded that global music piracy was causing $12.5 billion in economic losses each year www.ipi.org.  The only way to effectively fight piracy is to have more information than you've ever had before.

Bouju provides entertainment companies with:

A real-time view into who is selling pirated versions of your products
Additional information about which illegal websites may be connected or working together
Accurate assessments of the damage being caused to your brand by each illegal pirating website
Quick response tools to begin shutting down infringing websites


International production of counterfeit apparel is increasing, and apparel companies are suffering.  As factory technology has improved, infringers can now create confusing replicas of your branded products, right down to the distinct packaging.  The threats to your brand are growing and are distributed with more ease today than ever before. When customers go online seeking your brand of apparel, how can you prevent them from falling victim to scam sites that sell illegal merchandise?

Protect your revenue by understanding the revenue you may be losing, where it is going, and what you can do about it.

Bouju is the most effective tool to protect your brand now and in the future. Your customized dashboard provides you with:

A detailed list of online websites – around the world – that may be going after your customers
Insight into the traffic diversion and financial damage these sites are causing you
Assessment of the threat level for each website selling unauthorized apparel
Information about how pirating sites may be interconnected
A suite of customized tools including Cease & Desist letters, so you can rapidly respond to online threats in a matter of minutes.

Protect your brand – and your customers -by clearly understanding where your traffic is being hijacked and finally being able to do something about it.


Today, the world's leading chemical companies rely on Bouju to help them protect their intellectual property and enforce their brands.  Companies undergo years of research and development and invest millions of dollars to create high quality products consumers can trust, only to be targeted by online imitations that hijack customer traffic, damage reputations, and drain revenue that should be going to your brand.

Is your intellectual property being attacked by counterfeiters? The best way to find out is with Bouju's powerful search technology.

Bouju provides chemical companies with:

A comprehensive, worldwide view of websites that may be promoting and selling counterfeit versions of your chemical products
A real-time assessment of threat levels (black/grey/white) so you can prioritize response actions
Insight into how infringing websites are going after your customers
Details about how infringing websites may be linked
Ongoing analysis of the success of your IP protection efforts
The tools to strike back easily and efficiently, straight from your Bouju dashboard

Protect your brand – and your customers - by clearly understanding where your traffic is being hijacked and finally being able to do something about it.

Consumer Electronics

Every year, customs agents seize millions of dollars of illegal electronic goods.  From smartphones to tablets and portable music devices, consumers are paying millions of dollars for electronics they believe are brand-name, when they are simply victims of hijacked internet traffic. How can you stop this problem before it starts?

Bouju's proprietary technology delivers electronics companies:

A detailed, real-time report of online sites that are actively targeting your brand and customers
Site-by-site details quantifying how infringing websites are diverting traffic from your electronics sales and what it is costing you
Powerful custom search analysis, assessing the active threats to your brand across languages and around the world
Information about illegal sites that may be linked or targeting other brands
Ongoing feedback about the success of your enforcement efforts
A series of customized tool to take action against infringers with just a few keystrokes

Bouju is working with some of the leading consumer electronics companies to protect their brands and their revenue. Reach out to us and find out how we can help you, too.


The World Health Organization estimates that 10-15% of the world's drug supply is counterfeit www.Forbes.com. Today, thousands of imitation drugs are being sold online, from over-the-counter medication to prescription pharmaceuticals. Millions of dollars of revenue that would be yours is instead going to illegal operations targeting your online customers.

The only way to protect your brand – and your consumers – is to shut down counterfeit drug operations as soon as possible.

Bouju partners with pharmaceutical companies by providing:

Comprehensive data reports analyzing how online websites are targeting your name brand pharmaceuticals
Assessments of how much traffic is going to illegal sites that are luring your customers
Real-time insight into how much infringing sites are costing your brand in lost revenue
Information about how infringers are targeting your customers with unauthorized pharmaceuticals
Connections between illegal websites
An easy-to-use dashboard organized to help you make effective decisions and take swift action to shut down illegal online sales of goods you do not endorse

Bouju is working with some of the leading consumer electronics companies to protect their brands and their revenue.  Reach out to us and find out how we can help you, too.