Brand Monitoring

The trap many companies fall into is thinking that branding is a one-off marketing activity, and don't consider digital brand monitoring on an ongoing basis. It is true that the main effort in branding takes place in the early days, and it will take both a considerable marketing budget and effort to build up the brand into a household name, which is recognized by consumers. Once the brand is established the hard work may be over, but a brand that does not respond to changes in the market or perceptions of consumers will fade away and not maintain its market position. An ongoing brand-monitoring program is therefore essential to any company's success. Bouju provides intelligent software to monitor brand online across multiple channels.

Damaging Brands

There can be many events, which are damaging to brands and it is far better to keep on top of what is happening in the marketplace rather than wait for the brand's reputation to be damaged before developing a strategy to deal with it. Some issues, such as a product injuring a customer or a company's employee being involved in a crime cannot be anticipated, and immediate remedial work will be required to restore a brand after these sorts of events. Other things that can be damaging to brands include counterfeiting and quality issues, and these can be dealt with through effective brand monitoring. Counterfeiters damage brands everyday across multiple channels by hijacking the traffic and selling fake products.


The problem of counterfeit or faked items is a growing one. Although in the past it has been high end consumer goods such as handbags, designer clothing and accessories which have been counterfeited, the fakers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and other items such as electronics, components and even pharmaceuticals are being targeted by the forgers. Having a market flooded with cheap, second-rate imitations of a branded product is hugely damaging to a company's brand and reputation, and effective brand monitoring backed up with a legal team who can fight back against the counterfeiters can go a long way to protecting the company and its products.

Worldwide Reach

With the Internet reaching across the world, enabling consumers to see websites and buy products internationally, there is no point in having a brand-monitoring department or program that is focused on one country only. Consumers are exposed to television, advertising and shopping from a global standpoint and therefore the brand monitoring department and legal teams must always be one step ahead, seeking out any websites or counterfeiters which are putting out messages which could be damaging to brand reputation and the bottom line profits. In the past companies have struggled to conduct brand monitoring overseas, especially in dealing with counterfeiting operations in the developing world, but increased cooperation with foreign governments and trade organizations is making the battle a lot easier.

Smaller Brands

Large companies such as Apple or Microsoft will have large in house departments staffed with lawyers, IT experts and marketing people whose sole purpose is brand monitoring and dealing with any individuals or companies who are infringing trademarks or ripping off product ideas. For smaller, niche companies and brands this large-scale operation is not always financially viable, but the area of brand monitoring should not be overlooked. For these sorts of companies, using technology company to protect their brand could be a very sensible measure as although it involves investment in the short term, the long term consequences of not carrying out brand monitoring could be far more financially damaging.

Bouju provides intelligent software as a service to rapidly discover, monitor, measure and proactively guard brands online. Please send a email to with your company (brand) email address for initial free brand audit report.